Love is not heart of life it’s a part of life


Once, there was this guy, who was in love with a gal. She wasn’t the most beautiful and
gorgeous but for him, she was everything
He used to dream about her, about spending the rest of life with her. His friends told him,
“why do you dream so much about her, when you don’t even know if she loves you or not?
First tell her your feelings, and get to know if she likes you or not”.
He felt that was the right way. The girl knew from the beginning, that this guy loves her.
One day when he proposed, she rejected him.
His friends thought he would take to alcohol; drugs etc. and ruin his life.
To their surprise, he was not depressed.
When they asked him how was it that he is not sad, he replied,
“‘why should I feel bad? I lost one who never loved me & she lost the one
who really loved and cared for her.”
Never Cry for One Who Makes You Cry ! ……….your are most precious to you and your family so be happy and make them happy.

Last but not least “ Love is not heart of life it’s a part of life

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    True Said..

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