One doubt in Mahabharat

In some remote village of India, one masterji is teaching the Mahabharat Katha to class 6 students. He is at the krishnajanma’ part of it.

Masterji: “Kansa heard the akashwani that his sister’s 8th child is going to kill him. He was furious. He ordered to put vasudev n devki behind the bars.

First son is born, and kansa kills him by poisoning… Second one is born n kansa throws him off the mountain peak. Third one is born.”

Now Ramu, who is smartest of the lot, puts up his hand. Masterji, I have a doubt(sounding nervous n confused)

Masterji: “Ramu bete, whole India does not have doubt in Mahabharata Then how come u have one?”

Ramu : Masterji, if Kansa knew that Devaki’s 8th child was going to kill him, WHY THE HELL DID HE PUT VASUDEV AND DEVAKI IN THE SAME CELL ?

Masterji fainted…………………….


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