English SMS

Without humor, life sux.
Without courage, life is hard.
Without love, life is hopeless.
Without friends like you, life is impossible!

Good Song-Few Minutes Happy,
Good Film-Few Hours Happy…
Good College-Few Years Happy,
Good Friend Like U-Life Long Happy..

One day LOVE asked FRIENDSHIP,
Why are you in the world when I am here?
Friendship smiled & said,

Lips do not join when,we say love..
sign of distance,
but when we say FRIENDSHIP,lips join..
sign of togeterness ..
so be my friend 4ever!!!

dictonary is the only place where death comes before life,
divorce comes before marriage,and success comes before work.
but friend comes before relatives!!!!

Lovely Roses and Lovely You,
And Lovely are the things u do,
but loveliest is the friendship of the two,
1 is me and the other is U.

Dectionary is the only place where DETH comes b4 LIFE,
but best part of this is that FRIENDS come before RELATIVE.
SO always try to be a FRIEND.

Ice is a cream, luv is a dream but r friendship is evergreen.
Don t make friends bfore understanding & don t break a friendship after misunderstanding

Flower n Friend SMS! Phulon se khoobsurat koi nahi.
Sagar se gahara koi nahi.
Ab aapki kya tarif karu…
Dost me aap jaisa…
Nalayak koi nahi!

When tears flow in your eyes…
Always remember two things:
I m here and I care I love you more then yeterday,
and less then tomorrow Love comes and goes but friends stay forever!

Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest,
who came first or who cares the best..
Its about who came and never left..

I never found my star in the night,
Leaving my dreams far from my sight,
U came along & i saw the light,
U be my Friend Forever!


The Numaric value of L+O+V+E=54,
But the numaric value of F+R+I+E+N+D+S+H+I+P=108 ,
So LOVE+LOVE=F SHIP Thus f ship is 2times>LOVE…

friends r like stars.
u can t always c them,
but u know they r always there 4 u.

A memory lasts forever and never does it die.
True friends stay together and never say GOOD BY

After a long tym Silence Breaks,
Frm D bottom of my Heart i Frail,
Yesterday,Today, n Tomoro,
Only ONE Thing Prevails,
A ShIp that Nvr Breaks,

The best teacher is ur heart,
The best healer iis time,
The best judge is ur conscious.
Ur best friend could only be GOD & ur CUTEST FRIEND can only be ME!

friendship is a horizantal
which expands when ever we approch it.

Many hands i shake,
Many friends i make,
Best of them are few,
One of them is U

If care is wave i give u sea.
If respect is a leaf i give u tree.
If Trust is a planet i give u galaxy,
If friendship is life i give u myself..!

Friendship is a special kind of love
and One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives

Friendship never speaks volumes it never demands proof…..
it never has a happy ending too…..
simply bcoz it doesnt end as longas frnds r true……Gudnite

A Special Smile
A Special Face
A Special someone
I cant replace A Special Hug From me to u
4 the special person I have found in YOU!

Every nice friend is a glimpse of God.
Its one of life’s blessings,
a priceless gift that can never b bought,
sold or forgotten.
Have a nice time… Take care

words benigs with..a b c .
number beings with..1 2 3
music beinngs with .. sa re ga .
but frend ship beings with.. HUM TUM !!

A wish in a corner,
Deep in my Heart,
2BFreinds 4ever & never apart,
hope this bond has a long life 2 live,
for you my friend anything i`ll give.

My friendship with u is like an onion which has many layers in it.
it will add taste to ur life but if u try to cut it,
u will have tears in ur eyes……………

The morning is just a few moments away.
Go to sleep and when you wake up,
remember me as a friend who is always there for you and never let you down

Flowers need sunshine,
violets need dew,
all angels in heaven know I need u.
years may fly,
tears may dry,
but my friendship with u will never die

friend ship is like a glass.
we have to promise not to break that glass.
its hard as like tone

A faithful friend is the medicine of life
and True friendship is a plant of slow growth.

It is one of the blessings of old friends
that you can afford to be stupid with them.

True friends stay together and never say goodbye!
Friends Never say goodbye, they say hello!!

Friendship often ends in love;
but love in friendship–never.

FRiendship is a network that needs,
no recharge,no roaming,
no validity limit,
no activation,
no signal problems,
no low bettari,
FriendShip is life time in coming.

SMS means: S=Symbol of Friendship…
M=Method of communication in two hearts…
S=Sweet waiting for the favourite person…

Forward it...

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