Su Khabar

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh summons the secretary and asks him “How come this Guajarati’s know everything before anyone else knows about it”

Secretary: There is a phrase in Gujarati “Su Khabar”
Manmohan Singh: What does that mean?
Secretary: It means “What’s the news” and each Gujjubhai asks this to other whenever they meet and the answers given by the other one circulates the news very fast and they happen to know everything the fastest.

PM decides to experience this so he removes his turban and gets a clean shave and nice hair cut and dresses typically like a Guajarati and reaches Ghatkopar the typical Gujju hub of Mumbai city.
He sees one Gujjubhai and asks him “Su Khabar”
The Gujjubhai replies “Sallo Manmohan Ghatkopar ma aavyo chhe em sambhaliu chhe”
Forward it...

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