Do It Now!

1. Focus on one big goal

Take one huge goal or dream of yours and do something every single day to move towards the achievement of it.

2. Try a new restaurant

Or at least try a different thing on the menu of the restaurant you frequent.

3. Donate

Clothes, time, or money; even if it’s 5 bucks.

4. Change a life in a positive way

Yes, you can change somebody’s life in 30 days. It’s even possible to change a life in 30 seconds. Changing a life can be done in many different ways:

– Giving someone a chance – This is something our entire society needs to work on more. We’re often so quick to judge or write someone off, that we don’t give those “diamonds in the rough” an opportunity to shine.

– Hold the door for someone

– Smile at others

– Compliment someone

– Listen to others

5. Thank the most important person (people) in your life

6. Read a new book

7. Face a fear

8. Take a day trip

9. Watch wildlife in nature

10. Contact someone new

Send a letter, email, or instant message to someone you’ve never really talked to.

11. Go somewhere that brings back childhood memories

12. Think about someone less fortunate than you

13. Look at what you’re grateful to have

14. Look at what you’re grateful NOT to have

15. Get up early

16. Sleep in late

17. Get in your car or on your bike and just go with no destination in mind

18. Watch your favorite movie of all time

19. Don’t watch the news for a whole day

20. Try a form of art you’ve never tried before

Drawing, painting, photography, whatever.


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