Thought for the day!

Many years ago, a young woman named Dorothy was very talented at china painting. She painted tiny scenes on china dishes, the way people today paint on wood and Easter eggs.

Then Dorothy fell in love, got married, and decided she had no time to paint. But as her children grew, they loved to stand at the china cabinet and stare at all her tiny pictures–each one seemed to hold its own special world.

Years passed and Dorothy’s grandchildren also loved to stand and stare at the paintings. Everybody loved her work. They wondered why she didn’t take up painting again, but she wouldn’t say. Her love of painting seemed to be locked away.

When we give up some talent of our own because we don’t have time for it, we lock away part of ourselves. When we imprison our talents, we limit our possibilities. But when we make self-expression a natural part of our day, others can gather around and enjoy the results. There is always room for our talents because they create worlds of their own.

Am I locking something away because I don’t have the time?


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