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It is a human frailty to separate things as good and evil. And to impute this to God is sacrilege. It might sometimes appear that the Lord too has that weakness, but it is a passing phase, a cloud that hides His glory, not a blemish that adheres to Him. Though gunas (various qualities) emanate from the Lord, He is unaffected by them just like fire is unaffected by the smoke which arises from it or the sky is unaffected by the clouds that form and move about in it. All are attached to Him like beads but He is free and unattached. Consider this example – the cloth is based on yarn, in fact it is dependent on yarn; but yarn does not depend on the cloth, it is unaffected and unattached to the cloth. Yarn is Brahman (Divinity) while the cloth is Prakruthi (the Universe of manifold variety)

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