Love thoughts

The post for today is about love thoughts. All people need love. We want to get it and we want to share it. There are a lot of ways to get and keep this most awesome quality of all and I want to talk on one specific method in the post.
First of all, I believe that in order to get we must be willing to give. This is an undeniable law of sowing and reaping. And it works with love too.  The more of it you give away, the more you get it back from others.
Secondly, I am convinced that love is not only a feeling, it is also an attitude. So, if you want to attract the thing into your life you must be willing to think about it and welcome it. Most people would not agree with me on that. They would say that they do think about it more than on anything else. But what kind of state are you in when you think about it? Most are unhappy, doubtful, and melancholic and they do not believe that they are going to achieve. Their thoughts on love are on the wrong wave length.
You have to be optimistic about it. You have to expect love and believe that it will come. And it will. Most ladies when they turn 24-30 become desperate. They tell more and more to themselves and sometimes others that they are missing the chance and most probably will never get married. Their focus is on the wrong area. This only strengthens their disappointment and doubts.
Better visualize yourself with that person and feel as if it has become a reality. It will not change the fact that you are alone, but it will place you in a position of accepting love that is meant for you.
Thirdly, you have to learn how to love yourself. Too many people hate themselves. But how can they expect that others will love them. They form a repelling atmosphere around them which makes everybody who enters it to leave those self hating people at once. You change the focus by looking at how wonderfully God made you. You are beautiful in His eyes and such you have to be in your own.
Fourthly, love comes when you learn how to forgive others. Do not keep hatred in your heart for it will destroy your capacity to receive and give love. Try to justify the person or people (in your mind) who have offended you.
Fifthly, do some love actions. Very often love is there, but you have to release it. Do something good for other people. Do something nice for the person whom you have warm feelings to. Do not rely only on thoughts and words. Move to actions and love will be there.
So, I do believe that thoughts on love can inspire you to have the most desirable quality in the world. I hope my article helped you to achieve it.
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