Thought for the day

When you do anything new,
at first people laugh at you
then they challenge you,
then they watch you succeed
and then
they wish they are like you.
Do u know which is the best part of LIFE??
When ur family understands you as a friend and
your friends support you as FAMILY.
Sometimes we struggle through
a bitter coffee till the last sip,
only to discover sugar crystals at the bottom…
thats life.
Sweetened but not stirred well.
When people talk behind your back,
What does it mean!!
Simple!!. It means you are Two steps ahead of them.
So keep moving ahead in journey called LIFE.
Problems are just opportunities for us
to create better business systems
Persistence is the greatest
antidote to resistance
Success is when your signature becomes an Autograph
Life Sometimes becomes so selfish
That it wants everything,
But while trying for everything,
We miss something that is worth everything.

Forward it...

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