Top 10 Party Cities around the Globe

After a hard day’s work when you return home, all that you need is rest. But right that very moment if someone proposes a party plan, can you say a ‘no’? Who does not want to party? In fact most people find partying to be a great stress reliever. However there are certain cities that enchant tourists because they are famous for their parties and the spirit of celebration that prevails in the air. So if you are a party animal, then you must have a sound knowledge about the best party cities in the world. Here is a list that may help.

1 – Ibiza, Spain

Remember the Vengaboys song “We are going to Ibiza”? Ever wondered why you should visit the place to start with? Now here is a big reason. Ibiza is a hotspot for all the party lovers around the world. They flock in here from everywhere. This City is located off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. The crowd of Ibiza is truly cosmopolitan. This island never sleeps. Some of the famous clubs like Espuma (Spanish word for foam) pump foam onto the dance floor that can pile even up to the eye level. Partying on an island has a different appeal and that is where the uniqueness of Ibiza lies.

2 – Goa, India

If you are an Indian, then you cannot be oblivious to Goa’s charm. When it comes to partying, Goa has got a separate status of its own that makes this city one of the most fun filled cities of the world. It has got its own legendary share of beaches with amazing festivals round the year on a variety of occasions. It is located on the West Coast, also known as the Konkan belt and is one of the most developed cities in India. You would enjoy the most in this City during the winters, although temperatures are always tropical (warm to hot). From Christmas parties to the New Year Eve bash to the famous carnival – Goa has everything in store for you.

3 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil and Samba have almost become synonymous. Brazil is famous for Samba and the festival of Carnaval. Carnaval is a Portuguese word meaning ‘farewell to the flesh’. Most of the main events of this festival takes place in the months of February and March. Rio witnesses lots of parades and huge street parties with people dressed up in masquerades. It won’t be an exaggeration if it is said that Rio has got some of the world’s best and most famous clubs with a happening and exciting nightlife.

4 – Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam surely deserves a place on this list. The world famous cafes and vibrant nightlife of Amsterdam, makes it one of the most unique party cities. Amsterdam is home to the Cannabis Cup and hosts more than hundred other festivals every year. Hence the party scenario of this city can be well imagined. The consumption of Marijuana is decriminalised in most parts of this country. Most of the coffee shops and a number of designated areas have legalised the use of Marijuana. This city thus has all the ingredients to emerge as truly rocking party city.

5 – Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles girls are known to be beautiful, smart and stylish and can surely party hard. All beautiful people across the U.S. congregate here. Most of the people in this city are successful because they come here to work hard and make it big in life. The people of this city believe in celebrating their success by sharing it with others. You will never run out of company if you want to party here.

You must visit one of these cities at least once in a lifetime and if you do so then party as if there is no tomorrow.


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