Make Peace, Not War!

If you have a belief that you must control things in that way, not the rising of the sun but anything within you and this conditioned world, there cannot be any peace. When you begin to rest in that outer-space spaciousness, seeing the big picture, knowing that everything is dependent on conditions, and that you are part of the play of conditions, that you have free will, and you’re part of the conditioning that affects everything but you’re not the whole thing, then there is peace. You alone cannot stop a battle. You alone cannot heal a dysfunctional family. You alone cannot heal all the people with cancer in the local hospital.
And yet your work is significant. As you do your inner work, you do bring more peace to the world. You do heal your families. You do indirectly or directly help others who are sick to heal. As you bring love rather than fear into the situation. But you’re just one piece of all this conditioning.
Peace is the place where one can step back, seeing a whole world of conditions exploding out and dying away, and just stand there and say, “Ahhhh, so that’s how it is.” And not have to contract or try to fix anything, and yet hold the heart open and attend to whatever one can attend to. It’s a little different result than happiness. Related, but it may not be felt as happiness as felt more as joy and ease, non-contracted.
And what is freedom? When somebody is rude to you and you react with anger, you are not experiencing freedom. When somebody is rude to you and you hold in your reaction and walk away, you’re still not experiencing freedom; you’re still caught in this inner storm. True freedom relates to all I’ve spoken, about equanimity, happiness, and peace, but beyond that, freedom comes when you see through this whole phenomenon that we call self.
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