Footwear Trends this Summer

Not everybody gives to footwear the same degree of importance on the fashion scale. It is merely an accessory for some while a utility for others. So whereas a considerable fortune is often spent on clothes and adornments there are only a limited number of shoes and sandals in a person’s possession. A brown pair and a black pair and maybe another fancy pair of sandals plus flip-flops. We are talking about women’s footwear of course.

But however much you may harp on comfortable brogues, there is something beyond just being sensible. For femininity is something that women love to flaunt – whether it is in the arch of the eyebrow or in the toe peeping out of charming covered stilettos. Listed below are five footwear fashions that are creating waves this season.

High Boots – Knee high or thigh high boots in leather, suede, shearling, drap, lace or silk with round or tapering toes are being paired with short dresses, minis, skinny jeans, tights, or even long socks. Colours vary from olive green, maroons, brown, black, grey, and even gold. But be very sure that you have ‘the’ legs to go with it.

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