50 Ways to live a Beautiful Life

1.   Smile

2.   Forgive

3.   Email a friend

4.   Phone a friend

5.   Mail a postcard or letter

6.   Host an in-home movie night

7.   Host a cocktail party or a dinner party

8.   Schedule a coffee, lunch or dinner with a close friend to talk and laugh

9.   Candles

10.  Perfume

11.  Essential Oils

12.  Baking smells, like vanilla

13.  Flowers: lavender is soothing

14.  Herbal smells: my favorites are basil and mint

15.  Anything that smells good to you

16.  Visit an aquarium (or a pet store that sells fish)

17.  Take a bath

18.  Soak in a Jacuzzi

19.  Wade in a stream

20.  Take a swim in a pool

21.  Allow your inner child to splash in a puddle

22.  Swim in a pond, lake, the ocean or bay; or just admire the view and enjoy the sounds of the water, the birds or the crickets

37.  Chocolate

38.  Fresh fruit

39.  Try a new recipe

40.  Attend a wine tasting

41.  Watch the sunrise

42.  Sit on the beach and listen to the ocean

43.  Sit in a lounge chair and feel the sunshine

44.  Take a scenic drive

45.  Have a picnic

46.  Go horseback riding

47.  Watch the sunset

48.  Go to bed early

49.  Sleep in

50.  Nap


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