Love Quotes

It’s a shame to hide such a wonderful feeling like Love,
When you love someone, show it, say it!
Love must be stronger than the fear of a failure,
If it isn’t that strong, you don’t love enough,
But that is no excuse, don’t be weak, help yourself,
Make it bigger, stronger, livid!
Then say it!
If you already fell in love, you know.. Everybody loves..


Stars are like the people in your life. There are so many of them, and each one is individual. Some shine brighter than others, and they are your love in past and now, And when someone leaves your life, whether they have passed away or gone separate ways, you will see a shooting star leave your sky.


I never thought i’d fall in love but i fell in love with you i never thought that love could be so sweet, so kind, so true i love you for the things you do you make my life worthwhile, i love the way you look at me but most of all i love your smile.

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