Gujju – we are like that only

We are gujju and we are like that only!

We are not cheap. We are chip.

Falguni Pathak is Britney Spears. We still don’t know how to pronounce lingerie.

We add sugar to Whiskey.

Stock market is our Fish market.

Pope music. Period.

We still have Dhoom machaale as our ringtone.

Even your wife is called “Ben”

Vile Parle & New Jersey feel like home.

We eat homemade theplas in a business class flight.

“Akon nu navu geet Smack That sambhadyu?”

We don’t understand the word Chocolate, it’s called Cadbury.

We can do Garba on Summer of 69.

We take home made food to restaurants. Restaurants are just for ambience !!

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