Top 5 Richest People In World

1) Carlos Slim Helu

Owner of Mexico’s largest telecommunications company, Carlos Slim with an estimated worth of $ 69 billion dollars. He tops the list for the third year running, despite a drop of $ 5 billion in net worth from last year.

2) Bill gates
 Microsoft Corp’s cofounder, Bill Gates, bags the second spot with a net worth of $ 62 billion dollars. He is also an investor, author and philanthropist.

3) Warren Buffet
Berkshire Hathaway’s self-made Warren Buffet retained his position at no.3. He is a U.S citizen with a net worth of $ 44 billion.


4) Bernard Arnault
 He is a French Businessman who is the chairman and chair executive of LVMH. He is also Europe’s richest person. His net worth is $ 41 billion.



5) Amancio Ortega
A net worth of $ 39.5 billion, Amancio Ortego is the richest man in Spain and the fifth richest in the world. He is a fashion entrepreneur and owns 59% of the Inditex group which includes brands such as Zara and Bershka.

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