Ten Amazing Facts

1) Kangaroo’s can jump 10 times more than the humans. Kangaroo’s just cant jump backwar

2)Do not lick stamps for sticking it to the envelope!!

because every time you lick a stamp you eat 100 CALORIES.















3) According to the rules of BHUTAN every citizen gets one year older on the Bhutan’s NEW YEAR DAY

4) Every time we use a mobile phone it causes the BEE’S TO DIE because of the mobile phone signals bee’s forget their way to go back to their home’s and this causes then to DIE.

5) The world’s first tribal dance was invented in manipur, India called as MANIPUR TRIBAL DANCE and also called as CHOU.

6)Mosquito’s only suck blood out of humans but! But hey are not at all attracted to the red color but .The mosquito’s are mostly attracted to the blue color

7) Tomato’s are the one of world’s best mostly used vegetables. There are approximately 20,000 kinds of tomato’s all around the world

8) Any boy/girl can be Born either deaf or can have a problem with speaking. Any one who are deaf they are just not trained to speak because no one is interested in teaching them but they also are blessed every deaf/blind has a 7th sense likely as if a super power more than the human’s

9) We can recycle a large number of waste of our house by digging it near a healthy tree or any of the plant this will help the plant to grow faster because the earthworms will convert the waste into food for the plants

10) Paper was invented by a Chinese named LUIE CHIANG for the purpose of creating a design on it.And the paper was called as PAPYRUS

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