Make your Wedding Creative

1. Send a fun, thematic save-the-date to gear up your guests.
If you’re planning a wedding with a book theme, consider a library-themed save the date asking to ‘borrow’ your guest. It comes complete with a vintage library card, sleeve and stamped wedding date.

2. Serve up yummy homemade treats instead of traditional cake.
If you don’t want a conventional wedding cake, then don’t have one! Homemade treats — or a dessert bar — are a fun alternative to the traditional tiered dessert. If you’re a skilled baker, try your hand at your best recipe or hire a favorite bakery to create an assortment of tasty sweet delights.

3. Opt for a handmade bouquet (made of silk, brooches, buttons, etc.) instead of fresh flowers.
Fresh flowers will wilt, but handmade bouquets last forever. After the wedding, place your handmade bouquet in a decorative vase on your desk or in your home as a keepsake.

4. For a take-home favor, offer your guests jars of salsa or jam.
Make your own salsa, jam, or honey and attach personalized labels. This is one favor guests can savor — and you’ll be hard-pressed to find any leftovers.

5. Add details to the dress.
Once you’ve found your perfect gown, don’t limit yourself to the handcrafted possibilities. A few unique touches can make a wedding gown more perfect for you. Add pockets (if the style allows), sew a blue bow to the underpinning as your ‘something blue’ or have buttons sewn along the zipper for a classic bridal look.

6. Personalize the playlist at your reception.
No handcrafted wedding is complete without a hand-selected playlist. Find a disc jockey who gives you a little freedom while offering their insight and expertise. Include a few tunes you share as a couple, along with a few surprises in the playlist (like your parents’ or grandparents’ wedding song). ┬áDon’t forget to also include tracks that are guaranteed to get your guests out on the dance floor.

7. Add a unique topper.
A wedding cake topper is one of those popular must-have items, but finding one in stores that even remotely reflects you as a couple is tough. Instead, opt for a handmade cake topper made in your image and likeness, or one that ties into your theme.

8. Keep guests entertained.
A wedding is a big party, so don’t forget to bring the entertainment! Make cocktail hour more fun with appetizers and drinks alongside lawn games like corn toss, horseshoe, or my newest favorite: lawn Jenga.

9. Share your story with table ‘names’.
Instead of table numbers, opt for table names. Use names of sites you’ve visited as a couple, your travels, bands you’ve listened to on road trips, favorite songs, hobbies, etc. Include a short blurb that lets the guests know what the inspiration was for the table name.

10. Include a photo booth.
A photo booth is one of the most exciting additions to the wedding reception. Guests have fun snapping photos while the couple enjoys flipping through the hilarious images post-wedding. As an easy alternative, opt for a DIY backdrop and supply a blank photo book, a few Polaroid cameras, film, tape and a marker. Instruct guests to snap a photo, tape the photo to a page in the book, and add a message with the marker — a fun alternative to a traditional guest book!

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