Awkward Restrictions around the world

  • The authorities in China have banned Buddhist monks in Tibet from reincarnating without government permission. It may sound awkward but this is accepted by Chinese law, so reincarnating is illegal.
  • In Singapore the production and importation of chewing gum is forbidden. This Act was established because people discarded gum incorrectly, by attaching it to any place that you can think of.
  • Valentine’s Day is prohibited inSaudi Arabia. There is a religious police force (muttawa) that upholds the annual ban. Anything Valentine-related is monitored – flowers, gifts, especially if they are red.
  • In France it is forbidden to baptize a pig Napoleon, because of the respect for the general and emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. Another fact from France is that it is considered a violation of the law to kiss on the platform of the train.
  • It is not allowed to flush your toilet after 22:00 in Switzerland. The reason for that is you might wake up the neighbors; there is also a ban for showers or baths between 22:00-06:00.
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